Open Science internships in January 2023


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Karolina Simkovičová worked with Dominik Šádek on synthesis and testing of nanocatalysts for carbon dioxide capture and its conversion to some useful compounds (one of the important topics of modern science). 

Karolina and Dominik

Dominik Šádek is a final year student at a six-year high school "Gymnázium Boženy Němcové" in Hradec Králové. He heard about the internships for the first time from his physics teacher at the school. He decided to apply after a recommendation from his friends he met on a chemistry-themed summer camp Běstvina. He plans to study chemistry further on college. 


Stanislav Valtera with Petr Vítek were working on topic "Atomic Lego or big play with a small puppet". 

Big tools are needed for small things, and this is also the case with us. Using apparatus weighing more than a ton, we will prepare particles weighing 10-26 kg. We will prepare our own catalysts atom by atom and test their catalytic properties for reactions in the gas phase.

Stanisla and Petr

Petr Vítek is a former  student  of secondary school Gymnázium  Postupická, since September he starts his studies at the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT/UCT) in Prague at Faculty of Chemical Engineering.