CSI 2024 – Cluster-Surface Interactions for Energy Applications was the latest in a series of topical international conferences on cluster-surface interactions


COSY-COST Action satellite meeting - follow-up of CSI 2024  

 Joanna Olszówka
"Metal-support tango – catalytic assembly for dry methane reforming" - lecture

Štefan Vajda
"Size- and Composition-Selected Subnanometer Cluster Catalysts in Oxidative
Dehydrogenation Hydrogenation Reactions under Realistic Conditions: From
Controlling Activity up to Switching Selectivity by Atom a Time" - lecture

Karolína Simkovičová
"Atomically Precise Supported CuPd Clusters: Catalysts for CO2 Conversion" - poster

Stanislav Valtera
"Exploring the Impact of Pt Cluster Size and Support on CO Oxidation" - poster