International Conference Cluster Meeting 2023

June 18-23, 2023



Next edition of the Cluster Meeting which came after the inaugural meeting of this conference series, the  Cluster Meeting 2021.

The Cluster Meeting 2023 was a topical international conference with main focus on catalysis, reactivity, characterization, imaging and modeling of primarily size-selected clusters, both free and supported, which took place at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague from June 18 to June 23, 2023. 

Many thanks  to all participants for attending the conference and to all sponsors!


To summarize: in total we had

  • 108 participants from 18 countries
  •   20 students
  •   34 Invited Lectures
  •    7 Invited Hot Topic Lectures
  •  52 posters, 29 of them selected for Hot Topic Lecture

Federico Loi - Hot Topic Talk & Poster
Oxidation of size-selected Agn clusters on graphene: a combined experimental and theoretical XPS study

Shashikant Kadam - Hot Topic Talk & Poster
CoFe2O4/rGO nanohybrids as selective catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation reactions: Role of dynamic nature of Oh and Td sites

Joanna Olszówka - Poster
Preparation and in-situ characterization of the semi-model catalytic systems as a key to understanding structure-function relationships in dry methane reforming

Abdul Selim - Poster
Highly selective oxidation of biomass to glucaric acid over the ZrO2 supported Au/Pt nanocatalyst

Karolína Simkovičová - Poster
Propane combustion over alumina-supported copper nanoparticles

Stanislav Valtera - Poster - Best Poster Award supported by Royal Society of Chemistry
Evolution of the activity and oxidation state of subnanometer Pt clusters with cluster size and support in CO oxidation

Stanislav Valtera - certificate