AB/Academic Bulletin - January 2023

Dear colleagues,

The focus of the January issue of the AB / Academic Bulletin e-magazine is on the events organized by the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences in connection with last year’s Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union. These events accented the role of science in Europe, highlighted its standing in the Czech Republic, and stressed its impact on and contributions to society in general while addressing the challenges humankind is facing in the long- and short term. The main story entitled “The Presidency was also important for the scientific community” articulates the growing importance of scientific knowledge for European society and presents activities the CAS institutes organized to examine several formidable issues our society faces today. To name but a few: An international conference addressed the key role new genetic methods can play in increasing crops yields to meet the needs posed by a rapidly growing population. Several projects under the CAS Strategy AV21 research programmes and international conferences focused on the importance of energy independency or sustainable energy, as well as a resilient society in times of challenges posed by war, the energy crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with numerous other events which dealt with local issues that affect neighboring countries such as light pollution, global changes in various areas of humanity, society, industry, and ecology, as well as the numerous events held by individual research institutes and research infrastructures of the Academy, these all represented central contributions highlighting the high standard and international standing of research conducted in the Czech Republic and attempts to resolve problems our society is facing today.

Stefan Vajda


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