54th Symposium on Catalysis 2023

At 54th  Symposium on Catalysis 2023 presented members of Nanocatalysis group 3 short lectures

Joanna E. Olszówka

Bridging the material gap with semi-model catalytic systems for dry methane reforming

Federico Loi

CO oxidation by supported bimetallic AgnCum clusters: Size, composition and oxidation state

Karolína Simkovičová The Effect of Morphology and Copper Loading on Activity of Nanostructured Cu/FeOx Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation


and two posters:

Abdul Selim

Composition dependent selectivity of bimetallic Au/Pt nanocatalysts onZrO2-support for aerobic oxidation of biomass to gluconic acid and glucaric acid

Stanislav Valtera Precision catalyst composition control for enhanced selectivity in oxidative dehydrogenation of cyclohexene