Nanoschool 2020

The Heyrovský Institute organized another summer school in row, which has a tradition of more than 10 years. Orchestrated by Ing. Květoslava Stejskalová and Dr. Michal Fárník, with the  contribution of Department of Nanocatalysis, the School created a welcoming scientific environment for high school students, potential new generation of young researchers, deeply interested in physics and chemistry to learn about theoretical and experimental aspects of modern nanotechnology from lectures by experts to lab visits, as well as to get the feel of practical research work. Over twenty young adults in the age between 16 and 19 years from all over the Czech Republic participated in the summer school NANO2020.
During the summer school lasting from 17th to 21st August 2020, the main theme, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, was presented from various points of view by 10 speakers delivering their talks based on deep insight to the respective field of nanoscience, encompassing theoretical and experimental approaches, as well as potential applications. 
Besides scientific presentations, every participant absolved five practical sessions under supervision of researchers and early stage researchers from the Heyrovský Institute. Active participation of the attendees in various hands-on laboratory experiments, undertaken in small groups set up based on age and overall level of knowledge of chemistry and physics, offered a very attractive way how to get participants familiar with a number of research methods, but also provided a platform for soft skills training, such as cooperation, sharing knowledge and own research experience, or basic communication of research results.